We bring homeless dogs & cats
from Los Cabos, Mexico to Portland, Oregon.  
And then we find them great homes.


Life in Los Cabos

The Los Cabos Humane Society does whatever they can to improve the lives of pets in their region.

Unfortunately Los Cabos has many more dogs and cats than adopters.

The needs in this community are high and resources are limited.

Making the Trip

Our volunteers fly down to Los Cabos and personally escort dogs and cats to Portland, Oregon. 

Prior to traveling, each pet is spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Each animal's behavior is assessed and 

Finding the Right Fit

While waiting for their new home, Rescue Faerie pets live with foster families or at the Lexi-Dog doggy day-care.

Rescue Faerie volunteers review applications and interview potential owners. 

We look for the right fit on both sides. 



We adopted Marvin in October of 2014 and we can't imagine life without him. He had been found, as a puppy, on the streets of Cabo San Lucas. Now, he is the best sailing dog in the Puget Sound. The Rescue Faerie saved Marvin's life and we are so grateful. - Bridget Pilloud and Brian Oatman

Bridget and Marvin

Bridget and Marvin