Happy Tails



I am a Rescue Faerie Volunteer that has seen many of these wonderful fur babies come and find their forever homes.

Of course like many of the volunteers, there was the one that took my heart just from her picture. Rescue Faerie was quick to respond to my inquiring and brought her up so I could meet this bundle of love.

Wynnie is her name and she is better than any picture that can be taken of her. She is my constant companion.

Days are brighter with her by my side. I feel very lucky to get to meet many of these dogs before they get adopted. Seeing them get new homes is such a joy. 




I have had at least 11 dogs in my lifetime—

always big dogs and after my last rescue lab died I took a break from being a dog owner.


When my grandchildren asked me everyday, “Do you have a dog yet?” I realized it was time to get a dog again. 


They wanted a smaller dog and Luckey was the perfect match.  She is from the Cabo Humane Society and weighs 25 pounds. She is gentle with my grandkids, she plays well with other dogs, is happy and contented and has learned commands quickly!

Luckey has brought such joy in all our lives

I was so impressed with Rescue Faerie’s support after I adopted her. They checked in with me and had great suggestions to help us start our life together.  Rescue Faerie is a family and Luckey and I will always be a part of it. I will always adopt from Rescue Faerie as put the welfare of the dogs first and make sure that the match is perfect. 

Thank you Rescue Faerie!

-Lovina Query




Our dog had passed away and we were dogless for the first time in our adult lives.

We really needed a smart dog. We have always had Australian Shepherds or herding dogs in the past. We were committed to getting rescues so that was a no-brainer. This time we were looking for a smaller dog as we are now in mid-life. 


When we met this little Havanese/Poodle mix from Cabo, it was love at first sight.

The dogs from Cabo just have a special way about them, maybe because they've had to have really good survival skills and be charming. As far as we know, Scout was a street dog for the first year of his life. He was completely shaved down and looked nothing like his picture now. A diamond in the rough.

Scout is so sweet, so smart and so much fun. 


We take Scout with us everywhere, camping, kayaking, to the beach. He seems to adapt to whatever and is so grateful for his new life here. We have been through three training classes and Scout is now a certified Canine Good Citizen.

 We have had him for 2 1/2 years and he's the best dog we've ever had! Thank you Rescue  Faerie, we will be eternally grateful!

- Renée and Mack Stilson



This is Maggie!!

Miss Maggie! 

Miss Maggie! 

We adopted her from The Rescue Faerie in March and she is the love of our lives!

Maggie has changed our lives for the better.


My husband and I were searching for a pup and had the most difficult time as all the doggies we wanted were so quickly snatched up! We were looking for a small size love bug with lots of playful energy and who, if we were lucky, also loves a cuddle..

Well Maggie is it! She is such a sweetie who enjoys a cuddle or two but also loves to get into mischief and play with other dogs. She is so much fun and a wonderful addition to our family.

We came across Rescue Faerie through a friend and were so thrilled to meet Suzanne who was enormously helpful in the adoption process. We fell instantly in love with Mags and the bond keeps growing!

There was only one rule in our house which was Maggie will never sleep in the bed. Well, that lasted about one week!! My husband can be quoted as saying, "Maggie has changed our lives for the better." And she most certainly has!!

Thank you Rescue Faerie, Suzanne, and Katy for changing our lives.

- Ashley and Dan



I grew up always having a family dog and my husband did not. Four years into our relationship and shortly after agreeing to get married, I was craving canine companionship and could not hold off any longer. I was already volunteering with the Rescue Faerie and started showing pictures of incoming dogs to my husband.


Odin's picture was not particularly cute, he was skinny and lacking in hair, but it was the picture that made my husband crack in his resolve to wait.

We met Odin the day after he flew in and fell in love with his affectionate nature and big adorable eyes. I took him home after the weekend and he quickly became the dog-child we wanted and needed.


Odin is completely devoted to us and is just the best dog.

He loves to accompany us anywhere such as the local tap house, dog-friendly restaurant patios, the bowling alley, and of course all places natural. We were delighted to learn he loves to play fetch, tug of war with both humans and dogs, and racing/being chased by any dog willing to try to catch him. Like many we thought we would stick to the kennel but he's now our favorite cuddle buddy on the couch and bed.

We love Odin more than we could describe and are eternally grateful to Rescue Faerie and Los Cabos Humane Society for saving him and bringing him to us.

-Brooke & Jake




I adopted Dot from Rescue Faerie just over 2 years ago.

She is the most wonderful kitty who loves everyone she meets.

She often has to put up with various foster animals that I have. She's been a foster friend to kittens, adult cats, guinea pigs and rabbits! With each one she is adoring, gentle and kind. She also loves her adopted kitty sister and brother (and she puts up with her naughty dog sibling too).

I can't imagine a better feline companion and I am so thankful that Rescue Faerie brought her to me. They are such a great group of people who obviously care deeply about the animals they rescue.

I also volunteer with them, that's how much I love Rescue Faerie!

- Julia 



I adopted Cabo through the Rescue Faerie over 2 years ago. 


Initially, I volunteered to foster Cabo until he found the perfect home.  He had just had oral surgery and needed a home to recover in until a family adopted him. 

I had lost my dog to cancer, Over a year had gone by, and I wasn't sure I was ready for a new dog yet. Fostering was fine but adoption wasn't something I was considering.  How could any dog possibly measure up to my lab mix Beefcake who I thought was as perfect as any dog could be? 

After 3 days of fostering Cabo, and seeing him make friends with my 12 year old cat, well, I was in love!  My boyfriend and I adopted him and while he is very different from Beefcake, he has somehow measured up and then some!

Cabo's first few years of life are a mystery and he comes with some scars but that hasn't affected his ability to love and trust.  He is such a wonderful combination of love, happiness, obedience, excitement and animation but he's also a BIG cuddler. 

As a volunteer for the Rescue Faerie I have found that all of the Rescue Faerie dogs are full of love and hope and can't wait to be part of a family.

I am so happy that Cabo and I found each other!  If I could measure the amount of love I've given him, I feel like he's given that much back to me times a million.

Thank you Rescue Faerie!

- Amy Fraser