Meet our Team

 Suzanne Hein Fountain

Suzanne Hein Fountain

Suzanne Hein Fountain

Founder and Director

Suzanne is the owner of Portland-based LexiDog Boutique and Social Club. She has been involved in rescue for 10 years and in 2017, was honored with the Diamond Collar Award award from the Oregon Humane Society.

Besides Rescue Faerie, Suzanne supports animal rescue and welfare in a variety of ways.  

She has been at the forefront of raising funds for animals in need through a variety of special events, including the Portland’s Next TopDog Model competition. 

Since 2007, in a partnership with Oregon Humane Society, LexiDog locations throughout Portland have found adoptive homes for 4,298 pets. 
She lives in Lake Oswego with her husband, Tom and their min-pin, Fiona. 


 Renée Stilson

Renée Stilson

Renée Stilson

Communications and Outreach

I've been a professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker since 1999 and through my work, I naturally gravitated toward rescue.

In my role at Rescue Faerie, I have been volunteering, coordinating care and helping wherever I can since 2014. Communications and Outreach are passions of mine and that is where I am now focusing. I really enjoy fundraising. I strive to get the word out and raise as much awareness as I can about our mission!

I previously volunteered for several other rescue organizations before finding Rescue Faerie. Visiting the Los Cabos Humane Society, I was truly impressed with the work they do down there to save as many animals as possible and provide free spay/neuter clinics to the community.

My heart is full when I see our Rescue Faerie animals find their perfect homes and the joy that they bring to their new families.

My husband and I adopted our own Cabo dog, Scout in 2014 and he is the love of our lives!


 Meg Cummins

Meg Cummins

julia and doggo.jpg

Meg Cummins

Adoption Counselor

I began volunteering in dog rescue eleven years ago. My own little Lily is a rescue.  

I feel  fortunate to have become involved with the Rescue Faerie several years ago.  My husband Kent and I volunteer together, walking dogs at the shelter and taking them to the vet for their first check-up when they come here from Cabo. 

My favorite part of volunteering has been doing showings and adoptions.  It is heartwarming to find the ideal home for our little dogs and cats, and many a tear has been shed as our little guys leave with their new forever homes!


Julia Schultz

Volunteer Coordinator

Animal rescue has been a part of my life for the last 12 years. As volunteer coordinator I help maintain the team of fantastic volunteers that dedicate their hearts and time to Rescue Faerie's adoptable animals. I firmly believe "to that which you tame, you owe your life" and I owe my life to every sweet rescue animal I've ever met. Giving back to animals through volunteering with Rescue Faerie makes me whole.

I live in Portland, OR with my fiancé, his two kids, and our seven rescue animals: one dog, four cats, and two gerbils!